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  1. AVANI Nail File

    Retail Price $10.00

    Our Price $5.95

    Shape your fingernails to exactly the natural form you want. Directions: Gently stroke the nail in one direction. Starting at the outer rim of the nail, work at a 45 to 90 degree angle against the rim, along the nail towards the center. Repeat until your nail has taken on the natural form you want.
  2. AVANI Essential Cuticle Oil

    Retail Price $16.00

    Our Price $6.95

    AVANI has formulated a cuticle oil designed to soften and smooth the cuticles. With just one drop per treatment, the Dead Sea Minerals in this light, yet, powerful oil will remoisturize your cuticles so that they will feel and look healthy.
  3. AVANI Professional Nail Buffer

    Retail Price $18.00

    Our Price $7.95

    Professional & smooth buffer for natural, shiny, healthy-looking nails. Directions: Step 1: Gently smooth the surface of the nail using the course (golden) side of the cube. Step 2: Follow with the black side of the cube to polish perfectly. Step 3: Gloss the polish by buffing with the white side of the cube. Do this gently for a few seconds without applying pressure. In just one swift treatment, this seemingly magic cube will keep your nails perfectly smooth with a great shine.
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3 Item(s)